The Science of Living An Optimized Life

Going Beyond The Pale


This is Kokoro.

Heart; mind; mentality; emotions; feelings.

We exist to educate, empower and challenge people to see the world from new and liberating perspectives. To equip humans with the capacity to write their own story and contribute to improving the human experience for one and for all. In a world of exponential change we are committed to growing better humans in service of solving the wicked problems of the world and claiming our birthright of joy, awe and Flow.

Trained by the world’s leaders in Flow science, The Flow Genome Project, we are here to co-create the conditions needed for whole flourishing humans

Join Us.

This is a story of how we begin to remember.

What We Stand For


Life is a colourful array of sorrow, suffering, joy and ecstasis. It is a journey of one, beautifully entwined into a journey of many.

The richness of life can be experienced through the mirrors that others hold up to us and our ability to hold compassion not only for our self but those who choose to join us. Being randomly selected to form a group, the collective that is Kokoro wanted to ensure the experiences that were in our future became an opportunity to row together and get to life’s finish line as #betterhumans.

Un pour tous, tous pour un;

is a motto traditionally associated with The Three Musketeers, it was the motto of a group of French musketeers who stayed loyal to each other through thick and thin, our motto raises the bar, in that not only do we stay together, we move beyond the pale as one, breaking the rules long the way.

What We Believe

All of Us or None of Us
Together we make a difference.

Play With The Rules
Building Better Humans is a game of the infinite.

Do The Hard Thing
N=1. Train your weaknesses. Do the work.

These Brains & Bodies. These Hearts & Minds
Seek your peaks. Get curious, open, get down on the ground. Get into your body, get out of your head. Feel the moment. Practice resurrection.

Humanity above all else.
Be kind and light up the night.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
— Alice Walker